Artificial intelligence for operational excellence

Rombio helps biotechs and pharmas produce more by limiting the impact of unforeseen events

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Deadlines, resources and available manpower are a headache for operations/supply chain managers in biotech and pharma.

Between the product mix , the production sequence to be organized, the availability and skills of operators, and a budget to be respected, every loss of efficiency must be reduced or eliminated.

"Our work with Rombio has been efficient: we have repeatedly used the model established with Michael in order to have a view of production work that is both comprehensive and compact.

Michael's responsiveness and the ongoing developments in Rombio provide us with an extremely useful strategic vision."

Isabelle Sansdrap, Technical Director

On the basis of your limited and shared resources, increase operational turnover by winning production slots

Boost production efficiency

The intelligent assistant generates robust schedules based on your resources and constraints, while taking uncertainty into account.

Schedule Proof Of Concept
Schedule Proof Of Concept

Optimize your resources

Do more with the resources you have and anticipate your future needs.

Anticipate bottlenecks

Use AI to identify under-utilized (or over-utilized) resources. Plan investments and recruitment more effectively.

Schedule Proof Of Concept
"Michael Saint-Guillain is the guy who works with NASA. That's how I introduced him to my team.

Thanks to his expertise, we have access to cutting-edge technology that gives us a different perspective on long-term planning management at Takeda Lessines."

Michaël Brion, Head of Digital & Innovation Management, Takeda Lessines‍

Artificial intelligence to create and optimize schedules

With Rombio, artificial intelligence (AI) creates robust schedules that improve turnover and resource productivity.

How does it work? AI generates millions of schedules in just a few minutes, taking into account your constraints, resources and unforeseen events. The best schedules are then proposed to the manager.

Our technology is based on the latest advances in operational research under uncertainty.

Planning takes many parameters into account:

  • Variability on task durations and/or campaign phases
  • Operational constraints (GMP)
  • Operator availability and training
  • Availability of resources : rooms, machines, etc.
  • Maintenance, shutdowns, absenteeism...

The tools used for planning today are facilitators, but they're not much different from a pen and paper or a spreadsheet.

Rombio acts more like an assistant and a doctor.

The assistant creates the schedule for the operations manager. The doctor performs a diagnosis and suggests a course of action for those parts of the schedule that could be improved through investment or commitment.

Rombio offers a new approach to planning management and planning integration in the life sciences context.

"What I think is great is that Michael Saint-Guillain is proposing to transform the job of planners...

Instead of spending their time making schedules by filling in cells in spreadsheets, they'll leave this more off-putting part to the AI, which will do it more efficiently.

Their job will be to model tasks and maintain models,
so they'll be able to concentrate on the high-value-added work that AI is currently incapable of doing..

They will no longer be planners, but modelers!"

Lab Manager, at major Biopharma
"It is with great interest that we work with Michael and his team. (...) The aim of our collaboration is to optimize production capacities and schedules while taking into account the various risks/parameters influencing these, a key issue for Cellaïon."

Éric Pauly, Vice-President Operations & CMC

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