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Michael Saint-Guillain
CEO & Cofounder
Jonas Gibaszek
CTO & Cofounder
Guillaume Van Thorre
Yves Deville
Professeur UCLouvain, Conseiller du Recteur pour l'Université Numérique
Hugo Bricoult
Développeur (external)

Mars and NASA at the genesis of the project

Rombio's innovations were applied for the first time, in 2018, on Mars.

Well, not exactly on Mars, but in the replica of a possible Martian base in Utah, USA. Michael Saint-Guillain monitored the operations of the scientists present to create optimized schedules.

The aim: to maximize the chances of success of their experiments, taking into account the many uncertainties and operational constraints of scientific experiments (biology, chemistry, physics, botany...) as well as the context (space mission).

As NASA was convinced by the research and results, Michael has since been working with the team in charge of the Mars Perseverance 2020 rover.

To satisfy your curiosity, below is the aftermovie of UCL to Mars 2018.

Rombio is a solution from Genko SRL, a university spin-off from UCLouvain.