Romie: A Domain-Independent Tool for Computer-Aided Robust Operations Management

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Romie is a decision support tool based on AI’s latest advances in the domain of robust scheduling. Unlike all existing systems, the tool allows to (i) visually model the operational problem and context entirely (ii) optimize to find near-optimal schedules while taking uncertainty into account and (iii) deal with a combination of various key performance indicators (KPIs).

It comes with a web user interface. Part or all of the modelled activities may be associated to random variables describing their stochastic durations, in order to produce schedules that are robust w.r.t. temporal uncertainty.

Hence, depending on the pursued KPIs, the schedules maximize a combination of the following terms: the probability of satisfying the problem constraints, the expected return/efficiency, the expected outcome quality, and even the operators’ wellness by minimizing its expected extra-hours.

Initially developed for spatial exploration and demonstration in the context of Mars analog missions (i.e. missions on Earth that simulate condition and aspects of Mars missions), this versatile tool is here applied to operations management in both biotechnology manufacturing and robots parametrization in a cave exploration context.

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